Monday, July 27, 2009

Set List 07.26.09

Here is the music that we used for 07.26.09:

[Opening Song]
This Is Who I Am - Third Day

[Worship Set]
Desert Song - Brooke Fraser
Ready - Third Day
Born Again - Third Day
I Still Believe - Jeremy Camp

Matt Rogers

[Closing Song]
Glory Revealed - Candi Pearson Shelton

I scheduled myself off this week (I did play guitar on two songs, but didn't sing). Tommy Sayle and Stacy Brown led the music this week and they both did great jobs. "Desert Song" had a lot of energy even though the congregation was a little unfamiliar with it. We'll do it some more and it will soon be a favorite.

Matt Rogers was our guest speaker this week. He is planting a church (Renewal) in Greenville, SC but he grew up right here at FBC-Rock Hill. He spoke on John 17, specifically verse 18. "As I..." He reminded us that we are all missionaries - to our neighborhoods, to our workplaces, to our schools, to our families. He asked a great question for everybody to think about: "If your job transferred you tomorrow to another place, would your neighborhood be any different because you weren't there anymore?" Then for the church: "If the church building was to be flattened tomorrow, would Rock Hill be any different without First Baptist Church?"

Next week, we are having lunch and Steve Hogg is back to kick off the August series "Indescribable" which will be discussing the doctrine of God. I am really looking forward to it.

As always, part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Set Lists.

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  1. I loved the question Matt posed, "would the community miss First Baptist Church if it ceased to exist??" It really got me thinking about things. Hmmm.....

  2. It's fun to sit back and just be a player in the band once in awhile, isn't it? A church plant in Greenville? That's just a couple hours away from us. I hope it goes well.