Monday, July 6, 2009


Yes. I did a cartwheel off of the stage at the end of Reveal yesterday. Actually, I was informed that it was only half of a cartwheel. But that's about the best that I can do. There may be video footage to confirm that I did the cartwheel but I haven't seen it yet. [UPDATE: There IS video and it proves that I am no gymnast. If I get a chance to post it later, I will.]

Being the day after Independence Day and knowing that a lot of the 'regulars' at Reveal would be out of town, I told my daughters on the way to church that we would probably be very low in attendance and that I would do a cartwheel if we had more than 35 people at Reveal.

At 11:50, my cartwheeling abilities didn't look like they were going to be tested. However, by the time it was all said and done, we ended up with almost 50 people in the Apex and I cartwheeled off the stage after the closing song.

Thanks for a great attendance. Thanks for being faithful during the summer.

I will be in Costa Rica next week and will miss being in Reveal. I look forward to being back on the 19th.

-- Peace, Jamie

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