Thursday, July 2, 2009

Computer Update

For those who read the blog regularly (both of you), I thought I'd give you an update on my computer situation. While I was in New York, I turned my laptop over the Miller Pitts, the church's computer master, who installed a new hard drive and upgraded my memory.

I spent most of Monday re-installing programs like Firefox and iTunes. Now the computer is running smoothly. The biggest challenge I've had is getting iTunes back in shape. I can be a tad OCD on certain things. For example, I stack plates when I'm finished eating.

My OCD-ness extends to my iTunes. I keep track of my plays. I want to have all of my album artwork showing. Getting the music back into my iTunes was only half the battle. I still have to get everything organized.

I want to do it all right now. But I've tried to take things slowly because of everything else that I have going on.

I'm sure there's a spiritual application somewhere in my experience. But, for today, I'll leave it to you to make it.

-- Peace, Jamie

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