Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Faith Is...(Part 1)

In my office, there is a framed print that my mom gave me when I went off to college. On it there are six statements about faith. Here is the first one:
Faith on the certainty that God has a pattern for my life when everything seems meaningless.
Where are you in your life right now? Do you feel like you are floundering? Maybe just treading water? Do you feel like if ______ would just happen everything would be ok and your life could move forward?

I think that we have all felt like that from time to time. And more than likely, we will all feel like that again at some point in the future. But could it be possible that God has you right where He wants you at this point in your life? I think that I can honestly say that when I have been in those places in my life, that I was right where I needed to be. Now, I was not always in places that I enjoyed (most of the time I was not happy at all), but I was in the position that God needed me in.

When I graduated college, I moved back home for the summer while I was looking for my first engineering job. The one that I found was in a place that I was not thrilled to go too. But I soon made some friends and got plugged into a church. And I met my wonderful wife while I was there.

When I graduated seminary, I spent ten months looking for a job and after I found it and moved back to South Carolina, it lasted 4 days. I then spent three months looking for another one. But I heard about this position in Rock Hill at a family dinner that I would not have been at if I was still in California.

Those are just two personal examples to help illustrate that God is working in your life and has a pattern even when things seem meaningless from a human stand point.

It all comes down to faith.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


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