Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Set List 07.05.09

Here is the music that we used for 07.05.09:

[Worship Set]
Enough (Chorus Only) - Chris Tomlin
May The Few - Shane Barnard
I Will Not Forget You - Ben Pasley (Waterdeep)
The Doxology - David Crowder Version
Enough (Chorus Only) - Chris Tomlin

[Closing Song]
The Beauty Of Simplicity - Josh White (Telecast)

So with this weekend being the 4th of July and two of our band members being on vacation, I decided to do a acoustic set. This set worked really well I thought. I put all the songs in E and played with a cut capo on 2. I started off slow with the chorus to "Enough" twice and then went into the chorus of "May The Few". I then brought "May The Few" up to tempo which flowed well into "I Will Not Forget You" - a new song for us, we'll have to bring it back with the full band later. For "The Doxology" I wanted to do something a little different so I started just picking out the melody for one verse, then added some strumming for one verse then started in with the vocals. I did the chorus of Amen like David Crowder did on the Passion album. Then with the tempo down, I went back into the chorus of "Enough" to book-end the set. I thought it went really well.

I was blown away by the number of people that we had in REVEAL on Sunday. Jamie and I were honestly thinking that we would be around 30 people and maybe more like 20. But to our delight we had around 50. And that is without at least 5 families that I know were on vacation. We also did lunch again this week (Dominos Pizza). Great fun was had by all.

God has really blessed us this summer with great momentum. I am really looking forward to the Fall when we can get on the Winthrop campus and talk up REVEAL. I truly believe that once we get up to around 150 people coming, the room is going to take on a whole new dynamic and the worship is going to be even more awesome that it has been these first 5 months.

Next week we are bringing back two songs that we did in June that went over really well, so get pumped and come ready to worship.

As always, part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Set Lists.

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  1. The worship set was awesome. The version of The Doxology that you did was beautiful in its simplicity and in the way it drew attention to the Creator.

    I kinda felt like Donkey from Shrek when you finished. I wanted to go, "Let's do that again!"

    The atmosphere again this week was truly spectacular as well. The numbers have held up great this summer but what's more encouraging is the spirit that has prevailed during Reveal.

    --Peace, Jamie

  2. I'm seconding the above comment. I loved that version of The Doxology and it would be great to see it again in another Reveal service!