Monday, June 29, 2009


This past weekend, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen made $112 million at the box office. Since it opened last Wednesday, it made over $200 million. Over the past 10-20 years, movies have increasingly become a major part of the pop culture scene.

Part of the reason for that is their stories connect with viewers on an emotional and, sometimes, even on a spiritual level. Movies can teach us the value of intimacy, perseverance, and more. Given the right story, movies can inspire us.

Not surprisingly, Jesus used stories for the same reasons. They can inspire us, motivate us, move us and teach us.

On Sunday, we begin a summer series that will use movies to illustrate the truth of Scripture. I will have the pleasure of speaking at Reveal this weekend. I hope you will plan to join us and to invite a friend to join you!

-- Peace, Jamie

Friday, June 26, 2009

More NY

Yesterday was our last day of being at our work sites. Today we go to Niagara Falls. One of our work sites was Foodlink, a food bank that's more warehouse than bank. Foodlink receives about 10 million pounds of donated food a year, almost half of that from Wegman's - a grocery chain in NY.

They sort the food, re-package it, and sell it at a very minimal cost to smaller, local food pantries to use. A group worked at Foodlink on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. While there, we sorted food, boxed food, and helped them write thank you notes. But our main job was pouring out mineral water. Yep, we poured out abut 11000 bottles of water.

Why? Well, Wegmans donates out of date mineral water that can't be resold or reused. But in NY, each bottle is worth a nickel. Foodlink makes about $20,000 a year on returned bottles. This week we were able to help them make about $550.

The director at Foodlink, John, was a great guy to work with. He was very appreciative of our help. Apparently pouring water down a drain is not a glamorous job.

Thanks for your prayers while we were working. Continue to pray for us. We will be leaving early tomorrow and getting back to Rock Hill late tomorrow night. Remember, no Reveal this week. One worship gathering at 10:00am Sunday.

-- Peace, Jamie

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NY Mission Trip

I am in Rochester, NY this week on a mission trip. I wanted to post a few pics and let you guys know what's happening here. We got in late Saturday night to New Covenant Baptist Church in Canandaigua.

On Sunday, one group led worship at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Geneseo while the other helped out with the children's ministry at Harbor Church in Geneva.

On Sunday night, we went to a retirement center to lead worship before going to Lake Ontario Park where we were able to watch the sunset from a pier extending out on to Lake Ontario.

On Monday, one group went to RAIHN (Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network) to do some work on their house. (I'll write more about RAIHN later). The other group went back to Harbor Church in Geneva to paint the pastor's house and put in a ceiling in the basement of the church.

Today, one group went to Foodlink in Rochester and then went to Geneva to help out with a kid's club at an apartment complex. The other group continued to work at Harbor Church in Geneva.

It has been an awesome week. I hope to go into more detail later.

-- Peace, Jamie

Monday, June 22, 2009

Set List 06.21.09

Here is the music that we used for 06.21.09 - Father's Day.

[Opening Song]
My Hero - Foo Fighters

[Worship Set]
Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) - Brenton Brown
Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Paul Baloche
How Deep The Father's Love For Us - Stuart Townend (Skillet Version)

[Closing Song]
I Still Believe - Jeremy Camp

This week was frustrating both in the REVEAL service and 9:15 and 10:30 services as well. Lots of sound problems, worship order problems, etc. Things just were not tight and smooth like they normally are. In REVAL, we had some monitor problems 10 minutes before we were to start and as a result we were not able to fix them completely. As a result, we are going to push hard to go to all personal mixers on stage. I think that this will help a great deal with the overall sound level in the room.

Technical stuff aside, I thought that worship went well. We opened with "My Hero" on Easter Sunday as well and thought that this would be a great song to bring back since for most of us our dad's are our heroes. I did however change the line "...he's ordinary" to "extraordinary" again just like on Easter.

After I led the first song, Dave Kerns led for us again. Once again he did a great job, and it was great to be able to worship from the other side of the stage for a change.

Next week, we won't have REVEAL because we are doing our special service "Celebration of Freedom" - one service, 10 AM. It will be a great time celebrating the freedom we have in this country and the freedom we have in Christ. I am really looking forward to this service. You need to be there by 9:45, because the worship center will fill up quickly.

As always, part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Set Lists.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Acts 11:29 Project

Pictures from last month's Acts 1129 Project

Your next chance to join us for an Acts 1129 Project is Saturday, June 20. We will be painting, cleaning and doing some yard work. Meet at the church at 8:30am. We should be finished up around lunchtime. For more info, contact Lori Beaty at

-- Peace, Jamie

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yep. You guessed it. My computer is driving me mad. About a month or two ago, I noticed my computer (about 2 years old) was beginning to slow down. It took longer to start up. It took longer for programs to open. It took longer for files to load. Then about a week ago, it would freeze briefly (about 5-10 seconds) whenever I clicked on anything (and I do mean anything - email, itunes, word, internet, anything.) Now, I'm not the Road Rage-y kind of guy. I lose my cool every now and then. But I'm pretty laid back about most things. However, one thing I'm not laid back about is waiting. (Yes, I'm the guy who drives 30 minutes out of the way to avoid sitting in traffic for 5-10 minutes). I like to keep moving, which has meant that my computer is driving me CRAZY now.

So I've spent portions of the last three days shedding excess programs, unused files, and deleting extra copies of music on my hard drive. I found four copies of three different Relient K CDs on my computer. Still it's not enough. My computer is still slow, still freezing, still driving me CRAZY. The first chance I get, I will be turning my computer over to the capable hands of Mr. Miller Pitts, computer genius, who will hopefully update and upgrade my computer to get in back in proper working form.

It reminds me a lot of how I live my life. Weeks and months of use and misuse drag me down. I get busy doing things, added responsibilities, chugging through life. Eventually I realize that my relationship with Christ is not where it needs to be because of all the excess in my life. Then I start shedding things to try to make it right only to realize that I need to turn myself in for an update and an upgrade from the only One who can get me back in shape.
As my computer goes off to the shop, I think it will be a good time for me to unplug and unwind in the presence of another Genius.

-- Peace, Jamie

Monday, June 15, 2009


It was awesome hearing Paul Nigro, one of our college ministry team members, bring the message yesterday. His sermon title was "When You Lose Your Shields of Gold" and looked at 1 Kings 12-14 and the life of Rehoboam. Here are some observations he made:
  • How you respond when things don't go your way says a lot about who you are.
  • We make things worse and don't fulfill God's purpose in our lives when respond improperly to tough times.
  • During bad times, God is trying to speak to us.
  • When someone cuts you off in traffic, 50% will respond in someway. 2% will hit the gas and follow the car that cut them off. (Paul and Will both fell into the 2%.)
  • We have to move past the anger when dealing with tough times.
  • Anger keeps us from dealing with the issue.
  • We have to reassess our priorities.
  • Lack of willingness to look to God caused Rehoboam to experience greater loss.
  • We have to measure our worth during tough times.
  • Things we have (money, house, car, etc) don't really have anything to do with our value as a person.
The band was awesome. We had another great crowd. The summer has been very good so far. Hope to see you next Sunday.

-- Peace, Jamie

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Set List 06.14.09

Here is the music that we used on 06.14.09.

[Opening Song]
In The Light - Charlie Peacock (dc Talk Version)

[Worship Set]
Song of Hope - Robbie Seay Band
Shine Jesus Shine - Graham Kendrick
  • This song went over great for us today. Lot of energy. We played it more up beat than the original and it worked really well.
Beautiful The Blood - Steve Fee

[Closing Song]
Undignified - Matt Redman (David Crowder Version)
  • This was the first time we had done this song and OH MAN DID IT ROCK! The congregation was clapping and jumping around. We hit a huge home run with this song. We will most definitely do it again.
This was by far the best the band has ever sounded. We had a good crowd and there was a lot of participation and energy. It was just awesome. I am so pumped. I wish tomorrow was Sunday too so that we could play again.

It was great to have Paul Nigro, our college age Sunday School teacher, preach for us today. He broke down the life of Rehoboam, the 4th king of Israel, is a message about what do we do when things don't go our way. Great message!

Next week is Father's Day and we have some special stuff planned for all the dads. Also Steve will be back to close out his series "The Core". It should be a great day, you don't want to miss it.

As always, part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Set Lists.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get To Know Your Worship Leader (Part 3)

21. Favorite Christian Fiction Author - Ted Dekker
22. Favorite Christian Fiction Book - Black (Ted Dekker)
23. Favorite Restaurant - Chili's
24. Favorite Christian Rock Band - Third Day
25. Favorite Third Day Song - Love Song
26. Best Award Received - Eagle Scout (1989)
27. Favorite Place Growing Up - Camp Buc - Church camp in western North Carolina
28. High School Sports Played - Varsity Soccer (1,2,3,4); Varsity Basketball (3,4)
29. Favorite Vacation Taken - Alaskan Cruise
30. Dream Vacation - Touring the British Isles

Well, there is a lot more about me that you probably don't know, but hopefully this will get you started and possibly spark some conversation.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Set List 06.07.09

Here is the music that we used on 06.07.09. We have had two good crowds in a row for REVEAL and yet again this week, the congregation was really into the worship. Man that really makes it easy on the worship leader when the congregation is just feeling it. I am so looking forward to what God is going to do in our group.

[Opening Song]
Let God Arise - Chris Tomlin

[Worship Set]
Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman
You Said - Reuben Morgan (Shane Barnard Version)
Word Of God Speak - Bart Millard

[Closing Song]
God of Wonders - Steve Hindalong

After service this week we had tacos made by our college pastor and his family. The majority of people that came to REVEAL stayed this week for lunch. It was another great time of fellowship. Next week, Paul Nigro is going to open the Word for us. Looking forward to it.

As always, part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Set Lists.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get To Know Your Worship Leader (Part 2)

So last week I posted some stuff about I go along these will probably get more and more random. Oh, goes.

11. Favorite Burger - Time Drive-In (Seneca, SC) - It's the burger that I grew-up on. Cheeseburger plate with gravy fries and a sweet tea - Every Time!

12. Second Favorite Burger - In-N-Out Burger (California) - If you've never been to CA, then you just don't know. Double Double Animal Style, It's hard to beat.

13. Third Favorite Burger - Five Guys - It's not In-n-Out, but hey, it's closer than the 2230 miles to the closest In-n-Out in Las Vegas, NV.

14. Favorite Hot Dog - Skins Hot Dogs (Seneca, Anderson, Clemson, Greenville) - Sorry to those of you who grew up in Rock Hill, but it's better than Ebenezer's Grill.

15. Favorite Movie - Casablanca

16. Favorite Movie Trilogy - Star Wars (Episode IV, V, VI Only)

17. Second Movie Trilogy - Lord of The Rings

18. Favorite Sports Movie - Rudy

19. Favorite Bible Verse - Romans 8:38-39

20. Favorite Bible Story - Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4:35-41)

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Set List 05.31.09

Here is the music that we used on 05.31.09 - Week 4 of "The Core"

[Opening Song]
Everyday - Joel Houston (Lincoln Brewster Version)

[Music Set]
May The Few - Shane Barnard
Grace Like Rain - Todd Agnew
Hosanna You're The King - David E. Bell
  • I don't know of a recording of this song. But here is a link to the chord sheet (although we do it in E). We also put in a instrumental section where we read Pslam 24:8-10.

[Closing Song]
Enough - Chris Tomlin

We had a pretty good crowd today. I was expecting to be low again because of the summer, but we had about 60 people which was sweet. Worship went really well today. I taught the congregation "May The Few" and I think that it went over well.

Next week, Lunch! That's right - Next week is your chance to hang with your Reveal friends for while after church and get to eat without having to decide where to go for lunch. So looking forward to some good food and good conversation.

We also played at Rock Hill High School's Baccalaureate service which was held at our church in the PM. Here's what we did there.

Nothing But The Blood - Robert Lowry (Hymn version, but with a cool little groove to it.)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Chris Tomlin
Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Paul Baloche
God Of This City - Blue Tree

As always, part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Set Lists.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!