Friday, June 26, 2009

More NY

Yesterday was our last day of being at our work sites. Today we go to Niagara Falls. One of our work sites was Foodlink, a food bank that's more warehouse than bank. Foodlink receives about 10 million pounds of donated food a year, almost half of that from Wegman's - a grocery chain in NY.

They sort the food, re-package it, and sell it at a very minimal cost to smaller, local food pantries to use. A group worked at Foodlink on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. While there, we sorted food, boxed food, and helped them write thank you notes. But our main job was pouring out mineral water. Yep, we poured out abut 11000 bottles of water.

Why? Well, Wegmans donates out of date mineral water that can't be resold or reused. But in NY, each bottle is worth a nickel. Foodlink makes about $20,000 a year on returned bottles. This week we were able to help them make about $550.

The director at Foodlink, John, was a great guy to work with. He was very appreciative of our help. Apparently pouring water down a drain is not a glamorous job.

Thanks for your prayers while we were working. Continue to pray for us. We will be leaving early tomorrow and getting back to Rock Hill late tomorrow night. Remember, no Reveal this week. One worship gathering at 10:00am Sunday.

-- Peace, Jamie

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  1. I read this to my wife and she just about died laughing on the floor once she realized that you were getting the deposit on all those bottles! She wishes that the Carolinas would do the 5 cents deposit.
    She misses Wegmans.