Monday, June 15, 2009


It was awesome hearing Paul Nigro, one of our college ministry team members, bring the message yesterday. His sermon title was "When You Lose Your Shields of Gold" and looked at 1 Kings 12-14 and the life of Rehoboam. Here are some observations he made:
  • How you respond when things don't go your way says a lot about who you are.
  • We make things worse and don't fulfill God's purpose in our lives when respond improperly to tough times.
  • During bad times, God is trying to speak to us.
  • When someone cuts you off in traffic, 50% will respond in someway. 2% will hit the gas and follow the car that cut them off. (Paul and Will both fell into the 2%.)
  • We have to move past the anger when dealing with tough times.
  • Anger keeps us from dealing with the issue.
  • We have to reassess our priorities.
  • Lack of willingness to look to God caused Rehoboam to experience greater loss.
  • We have to measure our worth during tough times.
  • Things we have (money, house, car, etc) don't really have anything to do with our value as a person.
The band was awesome. We had another great crowd. The summer has been very good so far. Hope to see you next Sunday.

-- Peace, Jamie

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