Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Notes

Some random thoughts for the weekend.
  • Matt Rogers will be speaking at Reveal this weekend. FBC is Matt's home church. He is part of a team that is planting Renewal Church in Greenville in the coming months. He has also been the speaker at Summersalt for the past two summers. Should be a great message this week.
  • I love Seth Rogin's blog. In this post, he does a great job helping us get creative in how we approach people. He doesn't say anything specifically about evangelism but the implications are there.
  • Having kids is one of the greatest ways to get a fresh perspective on God and His love for us. Charisse Noble teaches here dad another lesson in this post.
  • Yesterday, I watched all or part of the best and the worst that Star Wars has to offer. In the morning I watched The Phantom Menace. In the afternoon, I watched Star Wars (aka A New Hope - but it will always just be Star Wars to me).
  • Next Sunday (August 2), we kick off our Indescribable series. Steve Hogg will be back from vacation. We will also have lunch in the cafe following Reveal.

I leave for Ocean Isle Beach tomorrow morning. While I'm out of town, don't look for any posts from me. You can however follow me on Twitter and get all of my captivating tweets from the beach. They will mainly say "Reading a book while sitting on the beach" and "Eating seafood from Calabash." But I might throw in the occasional, "Going to take an afternoon nap" tweet.

Have a great week while I'm gone.

-- Peace, Jamie

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