Monday, August 3, 2009


Yesterday was week one of our new sermon series, "Indescribable." Steve was back after a well-earned vacation. The goal of Indescribable is to help us know God and what He is like so that we can experience life-change through His transformation and shaping of us and also so that we can explain more about Him to others so that they can experience life-change through knowing Him.

Because I was signed up for childcare for Reveal, I knew I was going to miss the message so I slipped into our 9:15 gathering for part of the sermon. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Knowledge of God is intended to change who we are.
  • Our view of God shapes our lives, our values, our priorities, our focus, our spending, our morals.
  • The Bible assumes that God exists. (In fact, Psalm 14:1 says that those who deny God's existence are fools.)
  • Knowing doctrine is important. It helps us with questions and different views that many people have.
  • God reveals Himself to us through General Revelation (Nature) and Specific Revelation (Jesus & Scripture).
  • We can learn a lot about God but it is useless if it doesn't change our lives.
  • Steve ended with a great question - what are you doing with what you already know about God?
While I was supposed to be in childcare, I was in reality running around helping some of our volunteers get set up for lunch following Reveal. We have GREAT volunteers. We definitely could not have pulled off lunch yesterday without them.

I missed being in the room for Reveal but there was a good crowd there again yesterday. It has been a great summer and there are only two more Sundays before school cranks up again.

-- Peace, Jamie

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