Monday, August 10, 2009

Manic Monday

At about 10:00am I started a blog entry that recapped yesterday. Then the phone rang. Twelve hours later, no new blog, no recap. A lot of things can happen when we answer the phone.

I spent the rest of the day 'putting out fires' which is really just another way of saying I was doing ministry, maybe unplanned ministry, but ministry nonetheless.

Also at some point during the day, I found out that a question I sent to Andy Stanley had been published in Outreach Magazine. So I guess you could say that I've had a conversation with Andy Stanley AND my writing has been published in Outreach Magazine.

You could say that. I don't think I will though.

Tonight, I had a planning meeting for Refresh (September 6 at FBC). I tweeted after the meeting that I'm pumped about the worship experience that is being planned. Two hours later, I am even more pumped.

Refresh is September 6 at 10:00am. Put the date on your calendar. You do NOT want to miss it.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Atlanta with our college group in the morning to go to the aquarium and a Braves-Natinals game. We won't get back until 2 or 3 in the morning on Wednesday. No blog post from me tomorrow.

I will try to get a recap of Sunday up then. It was a really good day at First Baptist and Reveal.

-- Peace, Jamie

PS - I misspelled Nationals above on purpose. This happened at the beginning of the season and PTI hasn't let them live it down since.

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