Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Set List 08.16.09

Here is the music that we used for 08.16.09 - Indescribable (Week 3):

[Opening Song]
Eb - The Solid One - Jeff Zabel


[Worship Set]
B - Counting On God - Jared Anderson
G - Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) - Brenton Brown
G - Indescribable - Laura Story (Chris Tomlin Version)


[Closing Song]
C - Everlasting God - Brenton Brown (Lincoln Brewster Version)

This was a crazy day for me. I felt really out of sorts. We changed up the service order for the 10:30 service on Friday afternoon but I wasn't in the office to find out about it because Lori and I closed on our house. Then because we were moving on Saturday, I didn't have internet for the weekend. So I found out at 8:00 when I got to church that we had made some changes.

We also planned to do an extended invitation time which meant that I was not able to practice with the Reveal band much before our service. I finished upstairs at about 11:35 and ran downstairs to practice. We had to run a song that we were not planning to do because Pastor Hogg wanted it close the service with it. So I had to also change the Song Show Plus show for the morning. When I finally finished, there was about 3 minutes left on the countdown.

During the first song, I messed up going back to the intro and could find my place for about 8 bars but the band did a great job just playing along and letting me get back together. Then I dropped my pick and didn't have an extra one on the stand. Luckily, I had the welcome to kind of re-group.

After that, worship went really well, and the sermon was one of the best that I have heard from him. All three services had a ton of energy and the invitation was strong in all three services. Steve preached on the omnipotence (power) of God and then he closed the sermon talking about how when we don't have any strength, God's strength is there for us. When we are tired - He's not. When we are ready to give up - He's not! We then closed the service with "Everlasting God" which was a great fit.

A friend of mine was really struggling during the invitation so at the solo break, I went down to pray with him. I wanted the vocalists to keep the song going after the solo, but the message did not get passed to them and there was kind of an awkward stop, but we sang the song again at the very end and everything went well. I'll discuss that situation at practice on Tuesday and we'll work out some arrangement if I need to step down from singing during a invitation again.

Overall, this was one of the best services we have had a FBC since I have been here.

As always, a part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Set-Lists.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


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