Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Does Reveal Exist?

I had an interesting encounter last night. I left our creative team meeting about 6:45 to make a couple of visits to families that had been to Reveal. The first family wasn't home so I headed off for my second visit. Honestly, I almost gave up. I drove down the street looking for the house numbers but there were no street lights. It was almost impossible to find a mailbox with a number on it. I turned around twice in someone's driveway. If anyone had been watching out their window, they may have called the police thinking I was either casing the street for a house to rob or driving drunk.

I finally found the house and was again tempted to give up. There were no lights on outside and only one light on in the house. It was very dark by this time (almost 7:30). But I got out. A motion light came on as I approached the house and I was able to see that I was at the right house. I really figured that no one would answer but, soon after knocking, the front door opened. I introduced myself, thanked the family for coming to Reveal, asked about their experience and had a great conversation.

Here's what caught my attention - the family was new to Rock Hill and had visited a few churches. We were the first church to contact them after they visited! Now, in my short interaction, it seemed that the family are Christ followers. But can you imagine if this was a family that decided at the beginning of the year to 'get right with the Man upstairs' and began visiting churches looking for someone to tell them one-on-one about the Greatest Story of ALL TIME and NO ONE, FLIPPING NO ONE!!! followed up with them? The family was grateful for my visit and will hopefully be back to Reveal sometime soon.

The visit served as a great reminder that Reveal and First Baptist Church does NOT exist for me or for Will or for those of us who are regular attenders. We exist for those who don't know Jesus Christ and who haven't been completely ruined by the grace of our God and for those who aren't connected to a local community of Christ followers.

Keep that in mind as we gather on Sundays!

-- Peace, Jamie

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  1. Awesome Story and a Major Point that we dont need to Forget.