Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Did you ever have one of those weeks when nothing that was on your 'to do' list ends up getting done? What am I talking about? Of course you have. Well, that's the best way to describe my week. Thus for my first blog entry this week you get bits and pieces of what's been going on in my mind as opposed to the penetrating, thought-provoking entries of weeks past. Yeah, right!

  • U2 has a new song - I like U2 a lot. "War," their breakthrough album (and, yes, it was an album) dropped in 1983 just as MTV was taking off. I can still remember the music video for "New Year's Day" playing on the tv in my living room. At first, they were just another new wave band like Duran Duran and the Culture Club. I kick myself to even put those bands in the same sentence with U2 now. It was really "The Joshua Tree" that solidified U2's legendary status. Since then, I've had an off and on love affair with their music. "Pop" wasn't that great to me. But I thoroughly enjoyed "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" from 2004. All that to say that "Get on Your Boots" hasn't grabbed me yet. I've listened to it a lot because I WANT to like it but so far U2 hasn't gotten me to throw down some cash for a new CD.
  • The Carolina Panthers have a big decision to make - As much as I enjoy music, spectator sports are my passion. This big decision has nothing to do with Jake Delhomme (sorry, Hunter, you're stuck with him for at least one more season). By this time tomorrow, either Jordan Gross or Julius Peppers will be guaranteed a lot of money for the 2009 season. I hope they can get Gross signed and get something in a trade for Pep.
  • The Daytona 500 (er, 380) was a disappointment - My second favorite sport, behind the NFL, is NASCAR. I'm a Jeff Gordon fan. Boo, if you like. You won't hurt my feelings. Can you imagine if the NFL called the Super Bowl before the 4th quarter began? Because that's what NASCAR did Sunday. The race wasn't the best I've seen. But it HAS to end after 500 miles. It's your Super Bowl, NASCAR. If you have to cancel the California race this Sunday to finish The 500, you cancel the California race.

Hopefully, the rest of the week won't be as busy and I'll have a chance to post some coherent thoughts later. But probably not.

-- Peace, Jamie

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