Sunday, February 8, 2009


We kicked off week 1 of God's Purpose Right Now. Here are a few highlights of Reveal:

  • Steve preached from Acts 13:36.
  • He introduced the Now and Later Principle which will be a very important part of the next two months in the life of First Baptist Church.
  • The Now and Later Principle is this - Future opportunities to serve Christ are dependent on being faithful to Christ in the present.
  • He asked the question - If you died today, what would be written on your tombstone? Not what would YOU want written but what would be written if the truth about your life was written.
  • He showed some tombstones. Here's the funniest one.
  • He also called us to live with purpose and asked the haunting question, "Am I living by default or by design?"
  • He also pointed out that obedience matters and challenged us to seize the opportunity that God gives to us when He gives it to us.
Attendance has been steady over the first three weeks of Reveal. Make sure you make a point to invite someone to join you next week at Reveal.

Also, we are beginning some discussions about starting some small groups. Shoot me an email ( if you are interested in being a part of leading or hosting a small group.

Have a great week.

-- Peace, Jamie

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