Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Intresting Blog Posts

I read a lot of blogs. Some are for fun, some are for ministry growth, some are just to try and keep up with people I know. One thing that I don't particularly like is when bloggers "borrow" other peoples ideas and don't have much to add to the discussion - they just post the link to the other blog. But today I am going to do just that. Mostly because I think these blogs have said it better than I could have reworded it. So here goes.

Eric & Riley Johnson
Eric and Riley are members of FBC and attend the 10:30 service. Riley's post is a well written recap of what Steve talked about in his sermon 2/15/09 (Abraham).

Glenn Packiam
Glenn is one of the pastors at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. He has written songs such as "My Savior Lives" and "Your Name". In this post he talks about an liturgical experience he had at an Anglican church.
"we are not here for what we can get out of worship; we are here to give ourselves away in worship."
Dream Big...Pray Bigger.


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