Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Praying With Your Spouse

How important is prayer in your daily life? As a pastor the correct answer for my life should be "VERY" but the honest answer is that it varies. Some days I do really well at praying for people and situations. Other days - not so much. A lot of times, when someone comes to mind, I'll toss up a quick prayer for them or their situations.

But there is one prayer time that I don't miss. Before I go to bed, Lori and I pray together. Now this prayer time is kinda like date night that I explained in my last post. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is kinda weak. Sometimes it is a mad prayer. And sometimes, I'm half asleep when I pray. But one thing is for certain. If at all possible, we are going to pray together before we go to sleep - even if we are apart. In fact, during the 6 months that I was in SC and she was in California, we prayed over the phone.

This is something that we started when we got married and I have been very thankful for this in our marriage. It forces us to deal with issues before we go to sleep. And like the date night, the cumulative effect on your marriage will be well worth the effort.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger.


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