Saturday, February 7, 2009

Basketball Ministry

Here is a cool story that arose from our "Impact Sports" basketball ministry.

This past week, we had band practice on Tuesday night instead of our normal Thursday because one of our members had something on Thursday night. We went about our normal routine and I didn't think too much of it. Then on Wednesday, I was stopped by one of our FBC members after supper who told me of a woman who was in the gym and heard the music and asked about it. She asked how much it cost to become a member here at FBC. She, of course, was told that it was free, no cost at all. She asked about the music that she was hearing and it was explained to her that it was the band for our new service. She asked how much it cost to come to come to that service and, of course, was told that it was free. The member that she was talking to invited her to church and she is planning on coming this week.

REVEAL - Don't doubt that God is working in powerful ways in Rock Hill. Be faithful and ask Him to provide opportunities to lift up His name and He will provide.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger


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