Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

It was an exciting weekend. I had the privilege of heading down to Camp Longridge for an overnight trip with the students from First Baptist. I think I tweeted this at some point on Saturday. I was indeed reminded what I loved most about student ministry and at the same time reminded what I don't really miss about it.

The Friday night - Saturday event was a good get-away. We got to focus on worship as well as spend some free time on Saturday hanging out by the lake at Longridge. With no cell service, it was easy to feel disconnected. I think that most of us would benefit from unplugging more than we do. As we approached civilization and cell service returned, my phone buzzed for a few minutes catching up on all the text messages. Don't worry, I'm not that popular, most were scoring updates from the Gamecocks and Tigers games.

Sunday at First Baptist was another exciting day. I spent most of the morning getting things ready for lunch at Reveal. But I did get the privilege of baptizing two people at our 10:30 worship gathering. Our attendance was down some on Sunday but we did have some new faces at Reveal. This allowed a lot of our regular attenders to spend some time after Reveal eating lunch with some of our guests. There was a good vibe going on in the cafe as we ate, talked, and hung out. Lunch is becoming an integral part of Reveal, even if it does mean missing the first 100 laps of a race.

Next week we will continue our Marriage for Dummies series at Reveal. Will and I will be out of town this week. We will be in Atlanta visiting a couple of churches in the area after wrapping up Catalyst on Friday night. I look forward to hearing some great things from Reveal!

-- Peace, Jamie

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