Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday Recap

This was week 6 of our Marriage For Dummies series and Steve dealt with two needs of husbands and wives. The first part of the sermon dealt with a wife's need for spiritual leadership from her husband. The second part of the sermon dealt with man's need for sex. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Men WILL set the spiritual tone for the family.
  • 74% of children attend church when both parents are active. Only 39% will attend if only the mom is active. 66% will attend if only the dad is active.
  • "Sex for men is like talking is for women with respect to feeling loved, cared about and special." Dr. Laura Schlessinger
  • "Wives might be able to better understand this if they think about how they would feel if their husbands didn't want to talk or listen to them." Emerson Eggerichs
  • If sex is a problem in your marriage, what can you do? Talk about (seek counseling if needed) and be willing to learn (read)
  • The biggest obstacle to a great sex life can be time, especially after children come along.
  • "The sexual relationship progresses or regresses in direct proportion to how much attention you give it." David and Claudia Arp
Steve has recommended a lot of books during this series and quoted from them a good bit today. Here are some of the books that he recommends.
As Will pointed out, Sunday was a crazy day at Reveal. There are four people trained to work in the media booth and none of them were able to be here. That left me to try to figure out lights, sound, and presentation. Additionally, we dismissed middle school-age and under just before the sermon because Steve wanted the freedom to say things about sex that needed to be said. So we also had to make sure we had extra adults to assist with that. All in all, it was a very good week at Reveal.

Next week, Steve will talk about two more needs of husbands and wives. We're getting to the end of the series. If you have missed any messages to this point, go to www.marriagefordummies.net to catch up.

-- Peace, Jamie

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