Friday, October 16, 2009

Catalyst Videos

Will shared with you some of what Andy Stanley said at Catalyst which was absolutely incredible. I wanted to share two videos with you. The first is a quick, funny video that involved 12 inches of water in an inflatable swimming pool. We had a great view of 'the leap' and I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cheer so I did both.

Professor Splash Breaks World Record! from Catalyst on Vimeo.

The second video is longer (almost 20 minutes) but it made 13,000 people cry in unison. Will said he had seen something like this happen before. It was a first for me. Let's just say that this video took 19 years to make and is well worth the 20 minutes of your time.

Catalyst 2009 Compassion Moment from Catalyst on Vimeo.

-- Peace, Jamie

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