Friday, April 24, 2009


If you haven't heard of twitter, it's basically a micro-blogging site that allows you to post what your doing, thinking, or considering in 140 words or less. I looked into twitter about 2 years ago and even signed up for an account. I never found much appeal in twitter and basically didn't think much about it until about a month ago.

Long story short, I ended up logging into twitter about a month ago and actually added a couple of people to the list of people that I was following. Then, I started having one of the twitter feeds sent to my cell phone. Up until Tuesday night however I had not posted any updates on twitter. Then on Tuesday afternoon, I received an email notice that Hunter Platt was following me on twitter. I was unsure of why Hunter would choose to follow someone who hadn't posted any updates at all. (Side note - I've never posted a Facebook status, either, which is a point of pride for me at this point.) Feeling the pressure of having someone as important as Mr. Platt watching my every move, I quickly tweeted, "Heading home after a fun staff meeting. Lots of laughs!" I know, I know, deep stuff.

Since then, I have exchanged tweets with Hunter, Andrew, David, Marjorie and some others. (Will made it very clear at our creative team meeting on Wednesday that he won't be tweeting on twitter.) Sometimes it can be fun to share some random thought or event with others and to hear some of the going-ons in the lives of others.

The point though is that I never felt a need to twitter or even a desire to twitter until I realized that someone was watching me. (Turns out, twitter just went through Hunter's gmail account and added me automatically. He really wasn't that interested in following me.) How often do we live our lives without awareness of those around us? How often do we brush off brief encounters with others as distractions? How often do we stop and think about what we're doing and the implications for eternity? Yeah, me too. Take a moment today to realize that the most important person in the universe is watching your life. Take a moment today to think about what you would do differently in the last 24 hours if you could re-live those moments and realize that you can't have those 24 hours to re-live but you do have a fresh 24 in front of you.

Feel free to join me on twitter (user name: jmburd). I won't tell Will.

-- Peace, Jamie

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