Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thoughts from the Spa (Part 2)

While I was sitting in the outdoor hot tub at the Spa on Friday, with the cool rain falling on my face, I saw several golfers running from the rain. They had their plans changed by the weather that day and they didn't look very happy. (After all, it is pretty expensive to play on that course.)

But I also saw several small birds happily chirping away in the trees. They didn't seem to be phased at all by the rain. They were doing what they do best - flying around and singing. And I thought that many times we act like the golfers and not the birds.

When life throws us a curve ball, what do we do? Do we raise our fist to the heavens and curse God and cry out in wonder and concern, "Why me?" Or, do we do what we were created to do. Praise God with everything we have in us? I'll be the first to confess that way too many times I act like the golfers. I get upset that MY plans had to be changed because of course I know what I need. But thankfully, I usually come to my senses and remember that God is in control and He is not surprised by whatever is going on in my life that I think is so outrageous.
"Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God. And you count far more to him than birds." - Matthew 6:26 (The Message)
Is there something in your life that you are stressed-out about? Something that didn't go your way? Let it go and let God take back the reigns of your life.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


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