Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rev 2:4

So yesterday I talked about a project that we did on the Staff/Deacon/Spouse retreat this past weekend and I said that I'd share with you my work so here it is:

First, the New American Standard Bible translation:
"But I have this against you, that you have left your first love."
So here is my rewritten version:
"Even though you do a great deal of good, there is one blemish on your record - you have replaced knowing and spending time with me and now instead you do in the my name."
Here are some others that I thought were moving:
"I want you back."
"What have you done? Don't put anything in front of me."
Wow! God was really working on our group this weekend. Here is part 2 - my prayer:
"God, I have abandoned You, my first love. I have sacrificed my time with You on the altar of ministry. I spend time singing about You and not to You. I read books about You and not Your book to me. I have chased a Cliffs Notes version of You because it is more convenient, more comfortable. Stretch me, Heal me, Ruin me for Your sake that I might return to You, my first love and renew our relationship."
I'd love to hear how you rewrote the verse or your prayer, post your response here so we can all be uplifted by what God is doing in you.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!

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