Monday, April 6, 2009


This past week the ministry staff of First Baptist Church went on their spring retreat at White Oak Conference Center. It was a great time of planning and renewal. On Friday Night, the Deacons and their spouses joined us along with several of our spouses. After dinner, we met and had a time of worship. During this time of worship we watched a video message by Craig Groeschel (given at Catalyst 2008). Craig is the pastor of Life Church (a multi-site church with locations in several states.)

His message was about "It". Have you ever walked into a church and felt "it"? Maybe you have met someone and they just had "it"? Or for a negative example, have you ever walked into a church just felt that something was missing, that they didn't have "it"? This was a powerful message and several of our group had moving experiences. It is so encouraging to see staff members and deacons who are willing to fight for "it" in their lives - to get it and keep it.

As a follow-up to this video, Pastor Steve asked us to spend some time in Revelation 2:1-7, paying special attention to verse 4. He asked us to write this verse in our own words and then to write God a personal prayer based on this verse. I'll share my work with you tomorrow.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


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