Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Small Groups?

I've been reading Church Is A Team Sport by Jim Putman. Putman is the head pastor of Real Life Ministries - the church whose small group strategy we are using. In it he gives a great description of why we need to be involved in small groups.
Imagine that you had a child whom you loved more than life. Like all parents, you wanted this child to be a positive influence on the human race. Let's say that you child has to pass geometry with at least a C to get into college. If he doesn't get a degree from a college, he cannot get a job, and without a job, he cannot support a family. In the high school that your child attends, they have chosen to teach geometry in a classroom that holds five hundred kids. The teacher stands in front of the crowd and does geometry problems on the board

The teacher tries her best to explain how to answer the problems for thirty-five minutes one time a week and then dismisses the class. She does not have time to meet in private tutoring sessions, and she does not have a method to help students who are struggling. She tells you when you question her that the students have the book - they should just read it. How would you feel about the school your child goes to, especially since so much is riding on this grade?
What he is describing is what church looks like when you are not involved in some sort of small group or Sunday school class. It becomes very hard to soak it all in. This is why we need to be involved in something other than just the Sunday morning service.

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