Monday, March 23, 2009

Set List 03.22.09

Here is the music that we used for 3.22.09 (God's Purpose...Right Now - Week 7 (Saul)):

[Opening Song]
Glorious One - Steve Fee

[Worship Set]
Better Is One Day - Matt Redman (Kutless version)
King of Glory - Third Day
Your Love Is Extravagant - Darrell Evans


[Closing Song]
Come Ye Sinners - Robbie Seay Band

Today was weird. Everything was going well in practice, but then we had a crazy buzzing in the monitors. We tried to find it but couldn't. During the opening song, the monitor mixes went crazy and I had to take out my in-ears. During the worship set, I had to rely on the house mix and it was hard to hear. We tried to figure out what it was during the sermon, and we must have tweaked it somewhat because it was better on the closing song. Overall not our best day as a sound team or band.

Now I don't know how bad the sound was in the house mix. I hope not too bad.

This week we tried a new arrangement on "Better Is One Day". I took the bridge part from the Passion version:
Better is one day
Better is one day
Better is one day than thousands elsewhere
And we put that in the front. Just guitar and piano. It gave it a nice feel and a cool way to open the set. We transitioned into the chorus and brought in the rest of the band real light. We then went into the Kutless version with the drum intro.

On "King of Glory" I played acoustic with a cut-capo on 2. I love the cut-capo it gives such a great open sound.

We had a down week as far as attendance. Only about 55. But next week we are doing lunch again and the past two times we have done that (even with it raining) we have had our biggest crowds yet.

Next week Jamie B. is preaching and I am on vacation celebrating my 7-year anniversary with my wonderful wife. Tommy S. will be leading in worship.

Remember that on the 5th we are only having one joint service at 10 am in the upstairs worship center. Make sure you are there on time because seating will be at a premium. Also, the Reveal Band will be playing to open the service. The 10:30 band/orchestra/choir have been working hard on some really great music and it sounds awesome. Looking forward to what God is going to do in that service.

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Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


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