Friday, March 6, 2009


In preparation for the small groups that we are starting, I am reading a book by the pastor of Real Life Ministries, Jim Putman, entitled Church Is A Team Sport. In it, he describes discipleship this way:
What the new believer doesn't understand, and what we don't tell them, is that they are only starting a race, not finishing one...We forget that the devil sees the one we just baptized as an enemy...We often don't understand that we just got this new believer into a war they are not equipped to fight. They don't know the rules, or the weapons available, or even how to use them. (pg. 96-97)
If REVEAL is going to be effective, we have to make sure that we equip, train and support those in our care. If we don't we are no better than a movie or a TV program - just entertainment.

I don't want to just sit in the stands and watch others play the game. I want to be in the game. How about you?

Dream Big...Pray Bigger.


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