Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small Groups (Part 2)

Yesterday I told you that our small groups will probably look different than any that you have been in before. Today, I'm going to expand a little more on that.

We are modeling our groups after Real Life Ministries (RLM )in Post Falls, ID. They have grown from four families in 1998 to about 10,000 members. They have done this in large part to their commitment to small groups (about 8,000 people are involved in small groups each week). Their groups have several unique characteristics.

1. Storying
Did you know that approximately 50% of Americans are audible learners. That means that they learn better through hearing than through reading. RLM uses bible stories that are told by a leader. Then they answer several questions as a group to spark discussion.

2. Intentional Discipleship
Each small group leader will have an "apprentice" that they will be intentionally discipling and training to become a future small group leader. If you look at The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20, you will see that there are three (3) parts.
a. Go
b. Baptize
c. Teach
We are not done if we only do the first two. We must also teach. A true disciple is one who has "grown" to the point that they can continue the process.

3. Coaching
We are going to set up networks of support for the small group leaders. This is for help and accountability. Coaches will be responsible for several small group leaders and the leaders will be responsible for the people in their small group.

4. Growing new Small Groups
We do not want our small groups to grow stagnant. Also, Jamie and I cannot "care" for all of the needs of Reveal now at 75 people much less as we grow. Thus we will be using our "grown" leaders to start small groups and reach more people and be able to care for more people.

5. Relationship over Content
The focus on these small groups is relationship and growth. If someone is sick, in the hospital, or there is a need - the needs take precedence over the content of the lesson.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger.


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