Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Recap

Yesterday, we wrapped up our Marriage for Dummies series. It was a very good series that gave us some awesome insight into what God's plan is for our marriages. Steve was back at Reveal. His sermon focused on taking care of our spiritual lives and keeping our hearts focused on our spouses.

Here are some of the highlights of the sermon:
  • Divorce is always a result of us allowing our heart to be something that God did not intend.
  • Unless we are intentional, our marriages will become dull, lifeless, and boring.
  • Marriage is ALWAYS a work in progress. He shared the story of a lady whose husband had an affair after 40 years of marriage to make his point.
  • Feelings matter but should not be an excuse to avoid the responsibility of intentionally nurturing our relationships.
  • Actions drag feelings along and not the other way around.
  • How do you sustain love? By acting in loving ways.
  • Wives - develop an inner beauty that exceeds your outer beauty.
  • Husbands - pay attention to your attitude.
He ended that sermon and the series by asking some pretty good questions:
  • Do I cherish my spouse?
  • Am I honoring my spouse?
  • Am I acting in a loving way to my spouse?
It was an excellent sermon series. If you missed a sermon, you can go to to catch up.

Also today, Dave Kerns filled in for Will who was away on a retreat with some of the couples in our church. Dave did a great job as always leading us to worship our God through music. It is great to have people like Dave who can fill in so capably.

Next week, we will focus on missions as a part of our Impact Conference. Hope you will join us.

-- Peace, Jamie

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