Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Winthrop BCM

Life can get busy and last week was one of the busier weeks. Between getting ready for Refresh and a singles conference at Ridgecrest, I got to spend all day Thursday cooking supper for Winthrop University's BCM. Then on Thursday night, I got to hang out with and speak to the coolest BCM in the state.

For the uninitiated, BCM stands for Baptist Collegiate Ministries. It's the college ministry of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. It's a place where Christian students from all across the state and the nation can connect and grow in Christ and, hopefully, impact their campus for Christ.

This year, the leadership team at Winthrop chose Colossians 4:5 as their theme verse. I had to pleasure of speaking on making the most of every opportunity in college.

Here are the highlights of the night:

Cooking and serving supper with Heath and Joy Dick was a blast. I didn't get a chance to taste Joy's spaghetti bake but I am sure that it was better than mine. I'm glad I got a bite of my famous (at least at my house) dessert. It's oreo cookies soaked in milk and covered in whipped cream. After a couple of hours in the fridge, it's a goey, delicious mess.

The Reveal band led worship. It's great to have people who are committed to Christ and willing to give up their time to serve him. You can check out their set list here. Suffice it to say, they did an awesome job.

I committed to driving the church's van on the Winthrop BCM spring break mission trip. I wonder if anyone will ride with me after my stories from last year's trip to Baltimore. For the record the thirty minute detour in West Virginia was Ross's fault.

The talk centered on what you should do at college so that when you walk away from the campus for the last time, you've been a hero to someone. I gave them eleven ideas and challenged them to come up with their own list. Here are some of the ideas that I gave them - get involved in Student government whether by serving or connecting with the leaders and praying for them, be a summer missionary, take a road trip with a group of friends, go on an international trip (either mission or international studies), make cookies for someone (a residence hall, office, fraternity, sports team, etc), serve a staff or faculty member for a year.

All of us can come up with ideas that will help us make the most of the time that we are given. We can find people to serve, ministries to support, places to go. What is God calling you to do today to make the most of the opportunity He is giving you?

-- Peace, Jamie

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