Monday, September 14, 2009

Couple Talk 09.13.09

Spend a few minutes together as a couple doing the activities described below. Begin with one of you reading aloud the following piece of prose titled "Marriage":
"When God made light, the angels drew near to let the refractions roll over their faces like a symphony. When God made earth, the poked their fingers into its moistness: they put a fleck to their nose and smiled. When God made a rose, they parted it's petals and passed it among themselves saying, 'So fragile, yet how it grasps the soul'. When God made a giraffe, they touched the strange hide and murmured to themselves that God was up to something magnificent. When God made man, each one retired to his chamber and peered into the writings, looking for some clue to the mystery. When God made woman, they came back out of the chambers and gazed, their jaws slack with awe. When God joined man to woman and said, 'Let them become one flesh,' everything suddenly made sense. And the cheering still shakes the galaxies..."
Answer This: Does our marriage make the universe cheer? Does it make me cheer? Why or why not? Talk about it!

Read: 1 Peter 1:7
Wives: Share with your husband what he does that makes you feel like he honors and respects you. Share what he does that makes you feel "put down" instead of honored. Talk about it!

Read: 1 Peter 3:4
Husbands: Part of a wife's inner beauty is her ability to be a calming and restful influence in her husband's life. Share with your wife what she does that brings a sense of peace and calmness to your life. Share with her what she does that creates turmoil and frustrations for you. Talk about it!

Read: 1 Peter 1:7
Discuss: We have the same eternal destiny and share equally in God's grace. What are we doing to support each other's relationship with Jesus Christ? Are there ways we discourage each other's spiritual growth?

Decide: What changes are we willing to make to improve our marriage?

Pray: Thank God for each other. Talk with God about the changes you decided to make. Ask God's forgiveness for actions that hurt each other. Don't forget to apologize to each other as well.

Plan: Agree to attend worship at First Baptist Church next Sunday.

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