Monday, May 11, 2009

Set List 05.10.09

Here is the music that we used for Mother's Day - 05.10.09. This was the first week of our new series "The Core" based out of Romans 12:9-21.

Give A Little Bit - Supertramp (Goo Goo Dolls Version)

Dorky Mother's Day Gifts - (This was a collection of 1950's commercials depicting housewives with cars, dishwashers, etc.)

Jamie Burdette

[Mother's Day Recognition]
Our tradition at FBC is to give all the mother's carnations. Everyone in the audience who has their mother present comes up to the front, gets a carnation and gives it to their mother.

[Worship Set]
Let God Arise - Chris Tomlin
All We Need - Charlie Hall
Madly - Steve Fee

The Core (1) - Steve Hogg

[Closing Song]
Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) - Brenton Brown

This weekend we had a lower than normal attendance. I guess Winthrop University being out and being Mother's Day caused many of our regulars to be somewhere else. I was also dealing with some family stuff that caused my mind to be somewhere else. I thought I was doing ok with it, but I had one person in the band and one of our pastors ask me if I was ok, so I guess that I didn't do a great job of hiding it. I guess we can't be on top of our game every week.

This Saturday we are doing our first "Project 11:29" event. This is based on
"The disciples, each according to his ability, decided to provide help for the brothers living in Judea." - Acts 11:29 (NIV)
This arose out of a desire to give back. As a younger group, we don't have a lot of resources to give, but what we do have is time and talents. So we are looking for projects that we can do/help with that will allow us to give back.

As always, check out what other churches are doing for worship at Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlists.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


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