Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blown Away

When I was in college, one night my fraternity brothers and I went to eat at Waffle House. We weren't doing anything special, just our normal routine. Cut up, tell some jokes, talk about sports, when our food came - say the blessing. Well when we went to pay the bill, our waitress said that someone had already paid for it. Turns out that this person saw us praying and was moved to buy our meal.

While in California, Lori and I were traveling from LA to San Diego to visit her sister. On the way, we liked to take a "short-cut" on a toll road that was $4.50. When we got to the booth, the person in front of us had paid our toll.

This past summer, Lori and I went to Anderson to visit my brother and his family for a weekend. We went to eat at a local hot dog place that we like called Skins. When we went to pay the bill, someone had picked it up.

I say all of this because yesterday I was blown away by the generosity of someone. Sunday morning at practice for the 10:30 service, I went to put my capo on my guitar and it broke. (For those of you who don't know, a capo is something that guitar players use to change the key of their guitar.) It wasn't a big deal for the first service because I didn't need one, but I was going to use one for Reveal. Luckily I was able to borrow one. Anyway, I went to Tillman's on Monday morning to get a new one and when I went to pay, it was already purchased. WOW!!! Our God is amazing!!!

I am continually blown away by how God works through his people. To whoever did this: Thank You, what a blessing.


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