Thursday, December 17, 2009

Set List 12.13.09

Here is the music that we used for 12.13.09 - "Christmas 101" - Week 2:

[Worship Set]
Bb - O Praise Him - David Crowder
D - Beautiful One - Tim Hughes
D - Born In Bethlehem - Third Day
C - O Holy Night - Third Day

[Closing Song]
Bb - Silent Night - Gruber/Mohr/Young

This week Steve spoke on the shepherds and their part in the Christmas story. It was a great talk and opened up some new thoughts on the shepherds.

We also played one of my favorite new Christmas songs - "Born In Bethlehem" by Third Day. This song is currently in second place in my favorites list behind "A Strange Way To Save The World" by 4Him.

We closed the service with a Will Beaty arrangement of "Silent Night". (For those of you musically inclined, all I really did was take a song in 3/4 and put into 4/4 by holding certain notes a little longer.) I thought it went over pretty good, once everybody got the grove down and realized it wasn't the traditional version.

Next week is the last REVEAL of 2009. Dec. 27th and Jan 3rd are going to be special "One Service" days at 10AM in the Worship Center (a.k.a. Big Church). Also on the 3rd at 9:15AM we are having our traditional church-wide breakfast before the service so come and eat and enjoy the fellowship before the service.

I hope everyone has a safe a enjoyable Christmas season.

Dream Big...Pray Bigger!


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