Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday Recap

Sunday was a very good day at Reveal. Attendance was up and we had a few first time guests hanging out with us. We are in week 2 of our Red Letters series and Steve preached from Luke 14:25-27.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • We like to look at Jesus's command to 'hate our mother, father' as just him saying we are supposed to love Him more than you love others including your family. But that doesn't go far enough.
  • The Greek word translated 'hate' in Luke 14:26 literally means 'hate.'
  • Our connection to Christ has to be stronger than our any other connection that we have.
  • Family connections are never to get in the way of following Christ.
  • How much did Jesus give for you? Everything. What does Jesus then expect from us? Everything. It's a high calling.
  • Jesus calls us to come to where He is. To do that we may have to leave others including those we love behind.
  • Then He calls us to follow him. Once we've gotten to where He is, then we are to follow Him wherever He leads us.
  • Steve loves Kentucky basketball.
  • Steve's favorite place he's lived is Louisville, KY.
  • Things (sports teams, places, people) become important in our lives.
  • We can't let our attachment to those things become so important that we're not willing to give them up to follow Christ.
  • One day, Steve is gonna die and all those things (including his UK memorabilia) are gonna get left behind.
  • When we follow Christ, the things we 'give up' are replaced by things that are much more satisfying and fulfilling.

I had someone ask me yesterday if we had already done a Red Letters series. And, yes, yes we have. We did a Red Letters series last February and the plan is to make Red Letters an annual sermon series where we look at some of the teachings of Jesus that are radical and that call us to a new way of life and living.

If you didn't make it yesterday, hope to see you next week.

-- Peace, Jamie

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